Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bullet points.

So a lot has happened in my Rifts game since my last post...

Players that had gone through the rift returned safely, though the pocket dimension they were in and the demon that had chased them did not survive.

An ancient rune axe was recovered and given to Pedro, a possible dark agent to demonic powers.

The burster was possessed by two conflicting spirits, one a noble hero and the other a demonic entity. This caused dramatic alignment shifts brought on by stress.

Kara the city rat was killed scouting out the location of a xiticix nest. The player later brought in their new character built using the Heroes Unlimited rules, none other than the Incredible Hulk. This has led to many fun events...

The Hulk picked a fight with a young Xiticix Queen and won, with some help from his friends.

Another session saw the wilderness scout and the juicer meet their end at the hands of a bandit lord and his mercenary army. The new characters for these players have not yet entered the campaign.

The surviving characters extracted revenge on the bandits, ending in the bandit leader begging for his life before being baked by the team's dragon and burster.

After saving New Providence from the bandit lord the heroes were asked politely to move on to greener pastures as their actions have attracted the attentions of the Coalition.

While traveling the players encountered a Siren Spawn Worm and the burster was killed in the battle to  defeat the leviathan.

This is just here as bullet points for some of the occurrences in the campaign thus far. I encourage the players to comment on this post with events as they remember them.

As my players know I am currently working on a large scale map for the North American continent and I have found some good ones online that I will use as heavy reference for mine. I want to allow the players more freedom to roam around the game world. I feel we were getting  into a rut having the group basically confided to the greater New Providence area. Next Rifts session I will show more of this work in progress and have multiple avenues for exploration.

As for this coming weekend I will be running something a little different.

At the end of last Saturday's game I said I was going to run a one off session of Dead Reign, which is Palladium's zombie apocalypse role playing game. However in talking with some of my players another game came up and I will be running that game instead. This game was Villains and Vigilantes, which for those that don't know is a superhero role-playing system that was released back in the day by Fantasy Games Unlimited. It is in my opinion one of the better superhero games due to its open ended nature. It allows for a lot of creativity in how powers work and does NOT rely on a point build system. I used to love point based systems such as Champions and Superworld but have come to appreciate the flexibility and ease that V&V offers.

So this weeks session will start with a quick character building session and continue into what will likely be a two session adventure.

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