Sunday, November 11, 2012

Changes since last post...

Now that the storms are over, power has been restored and gas is once again available at the pumps I have some time to sit and catch up. There has been some changes with my Saturday gaming group, most notable being the end of the Rifts campaign.

As much as I like the system there were certain things going on that I did not care for. I won't go into detail here but suffice it to say there was growing tension at the table and several players were not having a good time. In fact I had at least two of my regulars come to me and ask that we play something different.

The game I chose to run instead was Villains and Vigilantes. I had run what I thought would be a one off session, but it seems the majority of players preferred it to the Rifts game. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for this game and the superhero genre so I was not upset by this turn of events. Also the fact that everyone seemed to get along as we played was icing on the cake.

Running a V&V will also be fairly easy on my as GM. I have a stack of source material and adventures already written up. I just need to flesh out the world background a bit and I have material to run a campaign for at least the next one to two years on a two to three session per month schedule. This actually frees up a lot of time for me so I can look into other creative projects.

One such project that I am working on is teaching myself Adobe Flash CS6. As a graphic designer by trade, learning this program will open my employment options and I will potentially be able to earn more money. Also I have wanted to create my own video games for a long time now and using Flash I can pursue this dream. I have ideas for two games rolling around in my head and I will showcase work here on this blog. Expect to see some of my ideas in the coming months.

Also I have decided to jump back into play testing D&D Next. I just downloaded the fourth play test packet that Wizards just released this past week. I just love D&D and I would like to be a part of this process. I have found something to like about every edition of the game, including the much maligned 4th edition. While it is not my favorite flavor of D&D my saturday group and I have had some good times playing it. I do hope however that the new edition has more in common to the early editions and that much of what 4th edition brought to the table can be options in a supplement released at a later date or continue on as a board game much like Descent.

As for the play test sessions I am thinking of running the game Saturday afternoons from 12-5pm. This will allow my Saturday night group to still have our regular sessions starting at 6:30pm. Anyone from either my Saturday or Sunday groups are welcome to participate. I am looking for 4 to 6 players who can meet every other Saturday and I can start the ball rolling next weekend. Anyone interested please let me know.

That is all for now. My next post will start detailing some of the characters and background for the Villains and Vigilantes campaign.

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