Sunday, November 11, 2012

I am the Lizard King and I can do anything...

The following is one of the villains in my current Villains and Vigilantes campaign.

The Lizard King
Name : Sobek      also Jim

Side : Neutral / Doctor Gamma       Sex : Male     Age : 5     Weight : 750 lbs.
Experience : 6000     Level : 3     Training : Agility

Powers :
Animal Powers - Reptile a.)Armor biological - thick hide 90 ADR  b.)Reptile Control - up to 142 hit points worth.
Heightened Defense -4 to be hit
Heightened Agility B +21
Natural Weaponry (x2) Terrible Bite +5 to hit +10 damage (added to HTH)
Body Power - Natural Swimmer and Hold Breathe Long Time (x3 to both)

Str : 14     End : 14     Agi : 28    Int : 11     Cha : 11     Reaction from Good : -      Evil : -
Basic Hits : 15     Hit Mod. (1.2)(1.4)(1)(2.8)= 4.704     Hit Points : 71     Healing Rate : 1.5
Carrying Capacity : 1554 lbs.    Base HTH Damage : 1d10    
Power : 67     Movement : 56"ground   168"swim
Accuracy : +5     Damage Modifier : +3     Detect Hidden : 8%     Detect Danger : 12%

Background :

     The Lizard King began life as an alligator and was one of the earlier successful experiments of Doctor Gamma. The Doctor named  his creation Sobek after the crocodile headed Egyptian god.
Not caring for this name he later chose the name Jim for himself after the late Jim Morrison. He had taking a liking to classic rock and the Doors in particular and can often be found in his quarters listening to old vinyl albums.
     He loves Doctor Gamma as a father and will willingly do anything for him. Lizard King is not evil and does not wish to bring harm to others if he can help it, but will protect himself and the Doctor.
If this includes hurting would be heroes so be it. He believes whole heartedly in the mission that Doctor Gamma is on and honestly feels the world will be a better place after the Doctor succeeds in his ambitions.

Tactics : As his first action in any combat situation Lizard King will use evasion. This will make him extremely difficult to hit. He will then use hit and run tactics never staying in one place. He will use his environment to his best advantage, will seek to lure prey away from groups and when possible dive into water were he will have a significant advantage.

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